Spring Coolers 2021

Made for Balenciaga ‘Art in Stores’ project

In the series Spring coolers, Schweikle utilities a water dispenser as a prime example of how products can lose their visual appeal when form becomes inferior to function and producibility. While maintaining the tech- niques and material of the cooler, he modifies the design giving another narrative to this office archetype, one that belongs to the Neo-classical drinking fountains of historic city squares. In the same way in which the fountain not only provided water, but also a (public) gathering point, so does the water dispenser incite conversation and gossip that transcendsoffice hierarchy as colleagues refresh.

By reintroducing the decorative elements of the outdoor fountain to the office hot spot, Spring coolers reinstates the virtues of water and the social importance of this valuable resource.

S-700 cooler in Balenciaga store Milano, Italy

Title:        Spring cooler S-700
Year:        2021
Material:  Stainless steel, PU- resin, thermoplastics, PLA, silver, hardware
Size:        148 x 46 x 46 cm
Edition:    1+ 1AP

Title:        Spring cooler G-300
Year:        2021
Material:  Thermoplastics,PLA, PU-resin, hardware, silver
Size:        144 x 50 x 50 cm
Edition:    1+ 1AP

G-300 fountain in Balenciaga store New York City, USA

A-100 fountain in Balenciaga store Shanghai, China

Title:        Spring cooler A-100
Year:        2021
Material:  Thermoplastics, PLA, PU-resin, hardware, silver
Size:        133 x 49 x 49 cm
Edition:    1+ 1AP