Gripper 1/ Gripper 2 
Solo exhibition at BPA space in Cologne

Inside Gripper 1/Gripper 2, Moreno Schweikle proposes two custom-made interventions that are extensions of the building’s unique typology. The manufacturing process of these interventions consists of the breaking up of past and present cultural molecules in order to recombine and repropose them as synthetic culture.

Gripper 1 and Gripper 2 are composed of industrial-grade suction cups generally used for packing assembly belts, and sprinklers in controlled indoor cultivation spaces. The two main forces within the sculpture are the subtractive vacuum pump and the additive water pump. The form of the aluminium profiles is non-ornamental, they are shaped by the prerequisites of both loops. The water‘s liquifying effect on the internal part of the windows emphasizes the relationship between internal structure and outward appearance.

Park-ing is shaped after the typical North European city park bench made out of natural clay. Its extruded appearance proposes the possibility of endless reproduction similar to that of digital modeling software. In its fabrication, it juxtaposes digital crafting with ancient extruding techniques like stucco. The clay, works as a natural moisture regulator, buffering the fountain‘s humidity to ensure comfortable climate.

Gripper 1/Gripper 2 as an exhibition reminds us of the artificially produced experiences that make up most of our lives. Playing between reality and representation, it tries to underline the seemingly innocent industrial components that regulate our world. These rudimental nature-like agents hover between tranquility and tension, creating a veil of privacy rendering the facade of BPA space a distorted image. 

Text by:  Wladyslaw Barion
This project has been generously funded by:
Stimuleringsfonds NL, creative industries